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About Chris

We are delighted to welcome Chris and his team to Hayston. Chris, Matthew and Gordon will be pleased to help in the Pro Shop with all your golfing needs. Chris, who currently plays on the Clutch Pro Tour, and brings a wealth of experience to the club with him. Prior to playing on the current tour, Chris, who has been playing golf since the age of 10, has previously won on both the Tartan Pro Tour and the Pro Golf Tour. Chris graduated from Stirling University, having represented the Great Britain University Team and has since also represented Scotland

Coaching with Chris

There are a number of coaching options that Chris offers. Have a look below and see what option would best suit you!

This is a 15 minute check up on any part of your golf game. This will allow Chris to get a feel for you game and give you some advice to go forward.

30 Minute Lesson
This lesson will allow Chris the time to focus on one aspect of your game and give some pointers to help you improve.

1 Hour Lesson
This is a more in depth lesson and will give Chris the time to understand your tendencies and to help you on your way to improvement. This will also include a plan for you to get better.

Junior 1 to 1
This hour long lesson will allow Chris to teach the fundamentals in a fun way. There will also be a number of games that he can use to keep the interest up.

Group Coaching
This is for up to 4 golfers and for more than 2. This will allow you to improve in a more social manner, perfect if you are a beginner or lack the confidence to see a coach by yourself. As will all the other lessons these will and can cover a variety of topics.

Contact Chris for more information, or use the contact us option